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Our Story


Believe it or not, the Burrito Kitchen you see today started life at the University of Birmingham as ‘The Burrito Van’… incredible! The man who founded all this was obsessed with finding a way to wrap up Mexico’s vibe and serve it up to the UK. After a year travelling throughout all of Mexico, sleeping in bus stations and learning the lingo, he put his pintos on the line to get a grip on all the different types of food. He worked in restaurants to soak up the passions of top chefs. All this so we can get some sunshine on the go!

What we are all about


Let’s face it, compared to the amount of sunshine in Mexico we’re living in a bit of a grey world. If only we could wrap up their vibe and bring it over here.

That’s exactly what we’re all about – dishing out that Mexican cheer by helping people to get some sunshine on the go. Bite by bite, we want to give people a taste of a happier life and a brighter community. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not trying for world peace, we’re just hoping to make things a bit better one burrito at a time.

We only work with the freshest ingredients and the most welcoming, friendly people to make your burrito as enjoyable as possible. Everything we rustle up is homemade everyday in our Burrito Kitchen. No frozen foods or other pre-packaged imposters – this is the real deal, anywhere else is a load of old Guacamole.

Get some sunshine on the go with Burrito Kitchen

What people are saying about us


New favourite place in eat central is by far @BurritoKitchen1 #lush

had a great experience at @BurritoKitchen1 fab food and excellent service !

Great value for money, fresh and healthy alternative! He didn’t win the apprentice but he makes good burritos…

top notch burrito. Friendly staff aswell 10/10

That fajita was immense. Mariachi party in my mouth! Gracias!!!!!!”

I had my first burrito from @BurritoKitchen1 and it is the tastiest meal I’ve had from any restaurant.

Burritos are out of this world! Eat central has been uplifted by your burrito kitchen! Can’t wait to try all the flavours!

Amazing quality food for amazing prices!! Just what eat central needed! fantastic customer service